Safety Razor Women + 100 Blades

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Choose your set, consisting of a razor and 100 WLDOHO razor blades. You'll shave plastic-free for 5 years.

WLDOHO Bundle WLDOHO® Rasierhobel Frauen + 100 Klingen
Gentle to the skin

Due to the single-blade system, the razor is gentler to the skin than system razors. It prevents ingrown hairs and skin irritation at the same time.

More than 55,000 satisfied customers

Customers love their WLDOHO razor. Once you've tried one of our razors, you won't want anything else. We are so confident that we offer you a free 100 day return policy.

Smooth shaving without stubble

Enjoy a smooth and supple skin, completely free from stubble.

WLDOHO Bundle Rasierhobel Frauen + 100 Klingen
Unique design

Dive into the world of our bears. Each razor is unique and firmly linked to one of our bears. Wood, color, design, habitat of the bears and even the scents. Experience the WLDOHO bear variety.


ACYL was our first razor. We are particularly proud of him. It is made of extra hard ebony and a fancy gunmetal coating. ACYL is an American black bear and the boss of the WLDOHO bear gang.


VAGARD is our top seller made of sandalwood and especially popular with women due to its compact design. Our VAGARD bear is a red panda and is originally from Asia.


Our SUED is made of maple wood and 18K gold plating, therefore the SUED is our most extravagant razor. SUED is embodied by a South American spectacled bear.


Safety Razor Women + 100 Blades

$59.90 Regular price $64.80
Tax included.
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Choose your favourite razor & 100 razor blades:

ACYL Ebony wood

VAGARD Sandal wood

SUED Ahorn wood

Disposable and systematic razors are not only bad for your skin, but also harm the environment. Because of the light weight of a disposable razor, you need more pressure when shaving. The problem is that fine layers of skin are removed, which can lead to skin irritation and razor burn.

Our WLDOHO razor for women and men is ideal for daily shaving on all parts of the body. Its ideal weight allows you to shave completely without pressure.

We asked ourselves why so much plastic has to be wasted when shaving and why plastic razors also look so bad. Our goal is that a plastic-free shave becomes a matter of course in every bathroom  

Do you have any concerns? Our razors are not dangerous and work just as easily as a conventional razor, only with more advantages! We would like to take away your fear of our WLDOHO razor in the following points. We also give you a 100 day money back guarantee so you can see for yourself! ! 


PERFECT SHAVE: Experience a flawless shaving experience. The razor glides gently over your skin and removes the hair entirely. The metal head will cool your skin and prevent skin irritation. It is suitable for both men and women.

SUITABLE FOR SENSITIVE BODY PARTS: No matter if legs, face, armpits, head or pubic area, you can easily reach everywhere with the blade head.

EASY TO USE: Thanks to its balanced ergonomics and secure grip, you can reach even the most sensitive parts of your body. It is suitable for beginners as well as for advanced users.

GENTLE & IRRITATION FREE: The single-blade system allows the razor to be gentler on the skin than system razors but without sacrificing a smooth shave. It also prevents ingrown hairs and skin irritation.

TIMELESS AND STURDY DESIGN: Featuring an elegant design, a handle made of precious ebony wood and a stainless zinc alloy, the WLDOHO razor is an elegant one-of-a-kind piece for your wellness temple.

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE:  Starting from shipping to return, the shipping way of our products is always FREE for you. WLDOHO will replace any defective product immediately, no fuss or quibble!

MAKE PLASTIC-FREE SHAVING A MATTER OF COURSE: Starting with your daily routine, only together we will manage to get one step closer to "plastic-free-shaving"!


Can I test the razor? Is the return shipment free of charge? 

You get a 100-day money-back guarantee, if something doesn't fit, you can simply write us an email. 

How do I insert the blade correctly? Which commercial blades fit?

Place the blade on the screws of the shaving head (please always touch the blunt sides). Then place the centre piece on the shaving head screws with the grooved area facing the blade. Now screw the handle clockwise onto the shaving head. When screwing it on, make sure to turn the handle, not the shaving head. All commercially available razor blades fit.

How often do you have to change the blades?

Depending on your shaving routine and the thickness of your hair, experience shows that the blades should be changed after 5-10 shaves.

Can I also use the shaver in the genital area?

Yes, the razor is also perfectly suitable for the intimate area. With a little practice and no extra pressure, an intimate shave is no problem.

Is the razor suitable for everyone? (Sensitive skin, allergy sufferers, skin irritations)

Yes, our razors are suitable for everyone, whether ladies or gentlemen. The handle of the razor is made of wood/metal, the head of an anti-bacterial zinc alloy. Due to the weight of the razor and the 1-blade system, less pressure has to be exerted on the skin, so the protective film on the skin is not so irritated.

What is your razor made of?

The handle of the razor is made of wood/metal, the head of an anti-bacterial zinc alloy that is/stays rust-free.

Is the razor rustproof?

The handle of the razor is made of wood/metal, the head of an anti-bacterial zinc alloy that is/stays rust-free.

Where is the razor made?

Our razors are produced in Foshan. Our supplier produces the planes under the conditions of TÜV Süd and SGS.

How do I clean the plane?

Like a normal system razor, the razor plane can be cleaned under running water and by lightly tapping it. To remove limescale, please use vinegar.

Can the razor be used in the shower and stored there?

The wooden handle is grippy enough to use it in the shower. The razor is robust and durable. Due to the waxed wood and the stainless steel head, you can also leave it in the shower, the water will roll off on its own.

Does the colour of the razor change after prolonged use?

No, our razors are robust and retain their colour even after prolonged use. Just make sure to clean the razor from time to time.

How do I dispose of the blades?

The blades are made of stainless steel, so they can be collected and taken to the recycling centre. Alternatively, you can also collect the blades with the cans, which will then be melted down at the landfill. 

What is a safety Razor? How safe are they?

 Safety razors are used for wet shaving, The closed comb ensures that you don't cut yourself. Not for nothing does it have the word "safety" in its name.

  Is the razor suitable for beginners?

Yes, it is, I personally didn't dare at first, but after 2 minutes I got the hang of it. If you handle the blade with respect, you can't go wrong.  

 Closed or open comb?

We use exclusively closed combs, as they are much safer and easier to handle.

Are there irritations and razor burn?

The fact that the plane works with only one blade, it is much gentler to the skin than conventional razors with multiple blades. Due to the weight of the blade head and the shaving technique, the skin is even massaged and is perfectly suitable for sensitive skin.


For which areas is the razor suitable?

 Whether it's legs, bald, face, armpits and pubic area. With a little practice, it is suitable for every part of the body.


How do I clean the razor?

  Our razor is very easy to clean under the tap. You can also gently tap it against the sink while under water.


How do I change the blades?

We have created a short video for you to watch below:


ACYL Ebony wood:

  • Height: 11,40cm
  • Width: 4,30cm
  • Diameter: 2,50cm
  • Weight: 95gr
  • Material: Ebony wood and zinc alloy
  • 5 Astra blades included
  • Beautiful gift box
  • Environmentally conscious without plastic


VAGARD Sandal wood:

  • Height: 10,50cm
  • Width: 4,30cm
  • Diameter: 2,50cm
  • Weight: 74gr
  • Material: Sandal wood and zinc alloy
  • 5 Astra blades included
  • Beautiful gift box
  • Environmentally conscious without plastic


    SUED Ahorn wood:

    • Height: 11,30cm
    • Width: 4,30cm
    • Diameter: 1,30cm
    • Weight: 75gr
    • Material: Ahorn wood & and zinc alloy
    • 5 Astra blades included
    • Beautiful gift box
    • Environmentally conscious without plastic


        How the Safety Razor works

        Sounds good, doesn't it? Let's make plastic-free shaving a matter of course in every bathroom.

        You are in the best of company

        Join the + 64,000 Nature Heroes who have already saved the planet from more than 2 million plastic blades this year.

        Support startup with a mission

        "David vs. Goliath" Every year, $27 billion is spent on plastic razors and their blades. You can imagine how much waste this causes. Our mission is to counteract this and to make plastic-free shaving a matter of course in every bathroom.

        Sustainably packaged

        And plastic-free shipped with USPS within 2-3 days. Shipping and returns within the U.S. from $59 free of charge.

        Giving more back to nature

        We plant a tree for every order. Our shaving products last a lifetime. In this time a tree has grown back and the circle of life is closed.

        What are you waiting for?

        3 Reasons for a Safety Razor

        Gentle to skin
        Gentler on the skin than common razors, and because they are weighted, you don't have to apply extra pressure. Plus, only one blade glides over the skin instead 4 or 5, which irritates the skin unnecessarily.

        Save money
        Each WLDOHO blade costs only 25 cents; Plastic cartridges cost you more than 10 times!!! So you save a lot of money in the long run.

        Do something good for nature Every year, in the United States alone, 200 million razor blades end up in the trash. They are made of a mixture of materials such as plastic, metal and rubber, so they are not recyclable.